Using the VR Apps

What was it like for the first explorers discovering the ancient ruins of Egypt? The old and decaying remnants of the ancient Egyptians had lain forgotten for so long even their language had been lost.

Now with virtual reality, we can recreate the experience of discovering an ancient Egyptian temple, half buried in the desert. The wind is blowing, the sun setting on the horizon behind the distant pyramids. The entrance to the temple looms in front of you. What will you discover when you go inside?

Virtual reality provides a fantastic opportunity to experience places such as these, but they are also a brilliant lesson starter for writing.

The LGfL Computeam virtual-reality app uses Google Cardboard technology to transform your mobile device into a 3D viewer (purchase of a compatible Google Cardboard viewer is required; available for under £10 in cardboard (example here - check it is compatible with your device) and under £20 in more durable plastic (example here). We often talk of immersive teaching – just watch one of your pupils lose themselves in the world of this ancient Egyptian temple as they explore the world of the Pharaohs.

To download the app for Android or for Apple iOS devices use the links below and if you haven't already, remember to check out the augmented reality section for the AR apps as well.