Advice for teachers

This resource offers the opportunity to combine different online and offline technologies in pursuit of enhanced outcomes for learners. Careful planning will be required to maximise the potential of the different types of resources and approaches required by the related case study shows how one teacher was able to better outcomes than previously possible through this combined approach.

  • How can it help me teach the subject more effectively?
    The resources provides a range of lesson plans, related worksheets and audio / visual experiences, helping to engage a wider range of learners regardless of their ability and learning styles. It helps ensure that no learner is left behind and helps to improve the use of appropriate vocabulary within written work.
  • How can AR help?
    The Augmented Reality resources help development understanding of more abstract concepts as well as engage all learner’s in the subject. For example, the animated augmented reality pyramid construction simplifies a complex construction technique in just one animation. It helps show the level of sophistication of the ancient Egyptians in comparison to modern day approaches, quickly and in an accessible and engaging format.
  • How can VR help?
    The Virtual Reality experience helps to transport the learners away from the classroom to a distant land and time era like no other technology can. The full immersion can lead to unexpectedly rich learner outcomes with learners inspired to write using more descriptive language.
  • How can the videos help?
    Videos allow experts such as the Egyptologist Dr Campbell Price to be brought into the classroom during lesson time and then be accessed and referenced outside of the lesson experience.
  • How should I best combine the different technologies contained within the resource?
    The St Peters Primary school case study explores how one teacher investigated the potential of combining different on and offline technologies to enhance learner outcomes. Careful planning and classroom management is required, but the potential benefits of adopting these new approaches are evident in the case study.